Why Is Team-Building Necessary for Software Testing?

Nowadays software testing increasingly recourses to such notion as “team-building” but not everyone knows what this idea itself means. In a few words, a team-building is a strengthening of the relationships between the team members and also an assignment of the roles.

In the testing sphere, this statement has a deeper meaning. Certainly, there is a necessity not only to put the team of professionals together – but also to create favorable work conditions and reason the team out of the fact that all its members have the opportunities for the career growth.

In order to ensure the productive and effective work, Program Managers and QA leads should be well-grounded in the main team-building advantages. 

Executing desktop application testing or mobile testing, the testers should not additionally rack their brains over how to address the colleagues under the project, how to organize the discussion of the current issues or how to correctly make a suggestion to improve the productivity of the work process. All these aspects should be under the control of the managers, and the communication among the team members should be preparatory established.

6 Peculiarities of the Successful Realization of the Team-Building Model:

  1. pursuance of the precedence;
  2. initiative and entrepreneurial spirit;
  3. dedication;
  4. commitment to the success;
  5. cohesion;
  6. communication fullness.

Conducting functional testing or automated testing, testers can practically experience the importance of the organization and participation also in general meetings. With the help of such type of communication, the team members receive the opportunity to better understand each other and be on the same wavelength under the project development process.

Thus, it is impossible to gather the group of people and simply make them work effectively without team-building implementation. Every tester should feel himself as a detail of the well-oiled mechanism called “Testing team”. If the team-building process regularly demonstrates the positive results – the testers feel themselves calmly and confidently, knowing that in the difficult situation the colleagues can throw them a lifeline.