What Is SQL?

SQL (Structured Query language) is a standard language for the database access and their management according to American National Standards Institute.

This language may be used for searching, actualization, inserting and deleting notes of the various kinds in the databases.

But this does not mean that SQL cannot be utilized anywhere except the database itself. Frequently, the language is applied for working with the rational databases, such as:

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Microsoft SQL, and etc.

The SQL language is not used only by software vendor but software testing company too. Performing the checking of products of different sorts, for example, mobile application testing, desktop programs checking, banking application testing, the specialists also work with the databases.


What Are SQL Capabilities?

  • Query execution
  • Data selection
  • Data insertion
  • Updating database entries
  • Record deleting
  • New table creation in database
  • Development of new database
  • The view creation in the base, and so on.

Despite SQL is a standard language, but still there are its various versions. The main commands remain common for all versions. But one should not forget that the majority of programs for the working with the SQL bases still possesses its own extensions.

If an expert really wants to become a professional in the field of software product quality assurance, then he should obligatory get acquainted with SQL. In this case, software testing and e-commerce product checking will be significantly effective.