Software Projects Analysis And Design

There are 3 significant stages of analysis and design for software testing:

Test purposes

These are extensive types of items which need to be tested in the application. For example, here are the most spread types of test sections:

  • polices
  • error checking
  • features
  • speed


Inventory is a list of items to be tested for a purpose. For example, we have identified inventory such as add new policy, change/add address, delete client.

Tracking matrix

As we have identified inventories we need to map the inventory to test cases. Calibration is mapping of inventory to the test cases.

Here is an example of inventory tracking matrix: 

"Features" is the purpose and "add new policy", "change address," and "delete a client" are the inventory for the purpose.

Each inventory is mapped to a test case. Only the one inventory is not mapped to any test case. It is "delete a client". Such situation may occur if we have covered all the aspects of the application in software testing.

This matrix helps us to have a fast general look of what is pending and hence helps us to evaluate coverage of the application as well.

As you can see on the picture "delete a client" inventory is not covered by any test case in such a way give us notice of what is not covered.