Performance Testing: the Problem of the Reality Simulation

Many specialists are sure that the quality and effectiveness of performance testing depends on how test cases are closed to the real conditions.

Executing performance testing, the specialist not only creates the unified tests on the base of the previous projects examples. Instead of this, it is necessary to well think over the infrastructure, users’ needs, and many other aspects, connected with this or that product peculiarity. 

How to Close Performance Testing to the Reality?

  • The test environment should include not only the specified, expected number of users but also the possible variety of devices, browsers, and OS. Frequently, multi-platform testing discovers many system bugs.
  • The test environment should not be stable. In order to receive the real results, one should group the diverse factors in the specified combinations.
  • The testing should be started with a certain load rate but not with its complete absence. Load testing – an inherent part of system performance checking.
  • Performance checking should be executed from the user’s standpoint – the focusing goes exactly to the users’ point of view.

The agile principles play a great role in the product checking process. Besides, one should not forget about the test cases automation.

With regard to other checking types, performance control may be more complex and resource-consuming than functional testing or exploratory checking. Therefore, outsourcing software testing may be a real rescue for some software companies.