4 Conditions of Successful Outsourcing

Outsourcing means much for software specialists. Because of it the quantity of software engineers will diminish in the USA and Europe and increase in Eastern Europe, Asia, South Africa during the next ten years. Experts in requirements engineering and architecture will be needed.

Outsourced product will come back, that means that approval tests will be required. So software testing is very important because it is the main instrument to check the outsourced software.

4 Conditions of Outsourcing Software Testing

1. Fix up requirements on software testing

Nowadays project managers prefer to outsource web site testing, mobile application testing, load testing, security testing and other kinds of testing. Often they don’t pay much attention to details such as defined and formal requirements for testing.

We must learn to set thoughtful and precise requirements for software testing. This way the work relationship will get better and satisfy expectations. Do not outsource without thinking over the requirements carefully.

2. Check and control

Many project managers speculate on the dilemma: to outsource desktop testing, web site testing or mobile application testing or not? Most of the experts are convinced that future belongs to outsourcing, but experienced project managers know that, unfortunately, outsourcing software testing is not always successful.

The best advice in this situation is to control what you outsource.

The most prosperous companies cooperate with software testing companies for a long time, but they are still keeping in checking integration testing and system testing.

It is impossible to outsource your problems, so be in touch with your partners.  Be qualified enough to outsource and manage what you outsource.

3. Choosing software testing company

Choose software testing company carefully. Learn about its reputation, who are its clients, how long it is at the market, what services it provides.

4. Knowing the Culture

Outsourcing to software testing company  from Eastern Europe, Asia, South Africa you will have to deal with people whose traditions, mentalities, ways of life differ from yours. We must learn how to understand one another and achieve best results working together.

To know the people from outsourced companies better, some managers send their employees to seminars and courses where they study foreign cultures, traditions and muster communication skills.