How to Prepare a File Server for High Load?

Every company is well acquainted with the situation when its servers become so much loaded, that they simply get stuck and crash. Basically, this means that the product is very popular among the users.

But the users do not like such situation. In this case, load testing will help to avoid the possible users’ disappointment. Software testing company ensures the qualitative checking of the system functionality.

Besides this, one should not underestimate functional testing, security checking, performance testing, cross-browser testing, integration testing, and so on. Only qualitative checking of all system components ensures its correct functioning.

With regard to the server load, there is a range of recommendations for the improvement of file server performance.


How to Prepare Servers for High Load?

  • If some actions permanently repeat on servers, the caching is required.
  • Each server has the limited memory size. During maximum load, it may change the storage which slowly operates. This situation may be prevented with the help of the manual settings of the limited memory.
  • Google Apache contains a set of tools for the server performance management. All tools may be switched on and off, depending on the company’s wishes. This module provides the rational way of the high load planning.
  • Load testing is obligatory for each software product. During the server preparation process, one cannot skip an appropriate emulation of the high load.

The correct planning of high load ensures the steady and smooth work of the company servers under any types of working load.