How to Inform About a Usability Bug?

Outsourcing software testing comes to many products assistance when it concerns the checking of functional, system technical characteristics, and product design. It is very difficult to create the qualitative product without using the software testing company services.

If executing security testing or load testing, an expert discovered a bug, then the developers will do their best in order to fix this failure. Unfortunately, usability testing does not provoke such efficiency from the developers.

What Should not Be Forgotten, Informing About Usability Bug?

  • The similar bugs and the bugs of the one functional importance should be grouped. This will significantly simplify the fixing process of such bugs for the developer, designer and all other specialists who are responsible for this functional or the system element.
  • The inaccurate and ambiguous bug reports are not fit in the testing process. It is important to avoid the dubious phrases and descriptions. The developers do not have additional time for clarifying the particularity of the bugs reproducing.
  • Such phrases as “the user is not able to find the basket” may force the developer to think that only some users faced this problem and the others are fully satisfied with the product. Instead of this, a tester should specify that this is his own point of view, not the users’ ones.
  • The insignificant mistakes and mismatches should not displace the complex and critical bugs. It is important to mention the corresponding priority and severity of each issue.
  • To make suggestions about the problems’ reasons and their possible solutions – kind of a good idea.  The testers possess rather well theoretical background, thus, they are able to fix the product usability errors.

Software testing company applies much force in order to detect all defects of the highest priority and most errors of the lowest priority, so as the product would be of the top-quality and the end users would not be disappointed.