Pluses and Minuses of Crowdtesting

The diversity of the products and projects will never end. The specification of each of them has a set of prerequisites and it is defined by the certain factors. The peculiarities of running an advertising campaign excellently demonstrate this.

The advertisements are often capable of modifications which depend on such various conditions as language, location, and advertised product. These changes and their prerequisites determine the specifics of product development and testing. 

Software testing company ensures only high-quality products release. An effective management of checking process is the key to this. A senior tester distributes a great amount of the work and has the responsibility for all possible failures. But what are his main duties? Why is the senior tester’s role so huge?

A Senior Tester Is Responsible For:

  • resource retrieval;
  • project management;
  • potential failures prevention.

It is rather hard to find a competent tester with all necessary resources and tools from all required regions. Software product testing – a complex and responsible process.

A close-knit tester’s team is able as soon as possible to qualitatively fulfil such types of testing as security testing, regression testing, functional testing, installation testing, and etc. But it is not an easy thing to achieve team cohesion and direct the efforts of the different people to the mutual result.

What Are Crowdtesting Disadvantages?

  • There is a great probability that a communication process and information interaction among the testers will be carried out with the difficulties as the specialists are frequently at rather large distance from each other.
  • An achievement of the well-timed result of the tester’s work is a difficulty for a manager.
  • Conducting performance testing, the specialists not always orient to the end user.

An inherent part of crowdtesting is the motive which ensures the testers’ work as the unified team. With the help of crowdtesting, new opportunities are opened up for a tester.