Portable Software Testing Laboratory. What Are Its Advantages?

The so-called “portable software testing laboratory” is the one that has no premises for testing and doesn’t need them. It has only portable equipment that can be used at any needed location.

This laboratory is very useful for a software testing company, because it is cost-efficient and profitable. If a company has no space for providing a usability testing of any type (mobile testing, web site testing etc.) that would involve end users, software testing can be carried out outside the office.

To setup the equipment, you have to load the corresponding software on a laptop that will perform video capture of the testing session. This information proves to be very useful.

What Are the Advantages of a Portable Software Testing Laboratory?

  • The testing is performed in realistic environment. The best circumstances to conduct software testing are the ones that are close to the natural ones as much as possible.
  • It is more convenient for participants.
  • This type of testing saves company’s money.
  • The laboratory is portable, so you have no space or location limitations.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Portable Software Testing Laboratory?

  • You have to plan and make preparations for the future test.
  • It may take more time than the usual testing conducted in the office (think of the time spent for transportation and equipment setup).
  • Not all environments are suitable for carrying out software testing.
  • Constant equipment transportation may lead to its short lifetime.
  • Once you have performed the testing and collected information – this data is all you have. If there are some faults in it you will have no chance to do this type of testing again.