How to Improve Security by Penetration Testing?

Security is the priority for developers and software testers. Whereas, a software testing company estimates and thoroughly checks the security level of systems and applications.

Nowadays, security testing is one of the most relevant testing types. There exists a rather widespread approach to the security control. It involves detecting minor omissions in security system that would be unable to cause a serious damage of the product even if they were used by hackers. 

Experienced software testing company specialist realizes that this attitude is not enough to ensure safety of the developed product. Only more systematical method of checking could provide really helpful results.

Deliberate penetration testing is the example of such approach. Thereat, it is obligatory to develop every test in accordance with the risk evaluation factor.

What Are the Types of Penetration Testing?

  • External
  • Internal
  • Double-blind

External penetration testing includes tracing vulnerable points that could be maliciously pounced by external users.

Internal testing is intended to simulate external attacks.

The majority of companies neglect this type of checking: they are fully confident in their employees. Probably it is really so, but it is better to make sure of it one more time.

When executing double-blind penetration testing only a definite number of people is informed about the experiment. That allows catching unawares the majority of employees enlightening non-expected failures in the security system and determining the ways the product may behave in the situation of a real threat.

Only having executed confidential testing and vulnerability testing, the specialists can be sure the product is in safe. It would also help to discover further possible system defects and strengthen the quality guarantee.