One of Popular Quality Criteria Sets

Application quality criteria are significant element of a test plan. Software quality is rather abstract notion. That is why one should determine when the elaborated software product is good enough for production.

There are many approaches to software quality criteria. Sometimes web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing is to be completed when no serious defects are found any more and there are few insignificant ones. But some other criteria are utilized as well in most of the projects.

Any software testing company knows that a lot of software quality criteria sets have been worked out. One of widely known application quality criteria sets is FURPS.


It Means That a Software Product Can be Released When:

  • functionality of the application is properly implemented and works as it should;
  • usability of the application is appropriate;
  • reliability of the application is provided;
  • performance of the program is suitable;
  • supportability of the system is provided.

These criteria are very loose. They should be specified for each project. Some additional quality criteria can be utilized together with these. It should be notified in the test plan after achieving what quality criteria mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing should be stopped and the software product can be released.