Is It Necessary to Perform the Same Test Twice?

There is an opinion in the modern society that the repetition of the same actions several times is irrational. This is a waste of the precious time. But is that the case?

Does software testing company really follow the same principle in its activity? It is a well-known fact that the lack of time is the main problem for a tester. Performing system testing or usability testing, the specialists try in every way to save time and embrace as many aspects of the product as possible not losing the work quality.

Software testing – an important part of the development cycle. If the test takes little time, then the product release will be on time or even earlier. So, why should the tests be duplicated? Why should one do the same action twice? There are some reasons for this. 

What Are the Technical Reasons for Retesting?

  • Executing performance testing, the specialist has found a bug. But he should make assure that this failure is a real bug. For this purpose, a tester conducts the test again.
  • A tester is not always sure that the test was fulfilled in a proper way. If there are some doubts then it is better to retest everything once more. This can be performed by the same specialist or his colleagues. After testing the results are analyzed and compared.
  • The tests are often modified. As a whole, it is quite another test but some its elements were checked previously. The aim of the modifications is a product testing with the different data using.
  • Retesting is carried out during the fixed or modified system elements checking. Also, the duplicate tests are conducted during the checking of the product functionality run on the other operational system.