MySQL Workbench as a Tool of SQL Dev and Administration

It is a well-known fact that software testing company actively uses databases in its activity. Performing banking application testing or e-commerce testing, the specialists use peculiar tools for working with the data warehouses.

SQL is a language of the structured queries. This language allows managing and manipulating the relational types of databases.

Why Does MySQL Act as the SQL Dev-Tool?

  • Visual editor SQL is implemented in MySQL Workbench.
  • Due to the SQL editor, developers can create, edit and send queries through the MySQL server databases.
  • The numerous sent queries and their results are demonstrated in different tables. Everything is carried out automatically.
  • All queries are stored in the history panel for further their searching and launching.


Besides this, the row highlighter by various colors is available for the MySQL Workbench syntaxes.  This significantly simplifies the SQL writing and debugging process for developers.

Executing security testing the specialists pay special attention to the server administration. Many aspects should be considered for the corporate data safety. It includes user management, server configuration, its logs, and etc. Software testing will be less difficult if one uses MySQL server for data management.

What Features Simplify the MySQL Server Administration?

  • User administration – a visual user management tool.
  • The server configuration ensures the setting of the optimal performance.
  • The backup and database recovery – a visual tool for the file import and export of the MySQL dump. These files contain scripts for creating tables, bases, data inputs, and so on.
  • The server logs – a visual tool of the MySQL logs review (error logs, binary logs, InnoDB logs).