Mobile Testing: Devices Problem

When executing mobile application testing, the specialist hopes to work with the well-organized set of required devices – when everything is available and this or that model is on hand.

Often software testing company faces this problem, because not every firm could afford such luxury. But outsourcing software testing company actually possesses the vast range of devices and gadgets, which could be used for different types of checks, whether it is automated testing or compatibility testing. 


If the manager is responsible for several dozens of mobile devices, he or she should keep to some simple rules to provide them a long lifespan.

What Are the Secrets of Mobile Devices Set Organization?

  • There should be a label with the identification number and firmware version on every device.
  • It is important not to allow the employees to carry devices out of the office. It is acceptable only in case it has been mentioned and coordinated in advance.
  • Whenever the tester takes or returns a device, a responsible person should fix it in the registry, available for the employees of the whole company or definite department.
  • Settings of all the devices could be changed for the time of testing, but they should be returned to the input parameters after finishing work.
  • Running tests on phone or tablet not connected to the PC is also a good practice. The devices should be connected to the computer only when setting new builds or downloading files.
  • The specialist should charge the device, pack it into the bag or box with the charger, USB cable, earphones and other accessories, that were in the package, when returning the gadget after testing.

Software testing has a thing about carelessness and negligence. It is important to stay a real professional under any circumstances.