What are Manual Testing Challenges?

In software testing, as in any other sphere, the use of automation increases. Automated testing is applied for more and more types of activity.

Nowadays one cannot imagine executing manually unit testing, regression testing,  load testing. A lot of tools allowing to automate tests even without skills in programming are available.

Regardless of this tendency specialists in manual testing are in great demand. They shouldn’t worry that the situation will change. The thing is that software products are meant to serve people one way or another. Only people can tell whether they are good enough for the use, what should be corrected and improved in them. Tests engineers do it professionally. 

Manual  software testing is not as easy as it may seem, not everyone can perform it fast and efficient.

Among Main Challenges Of Manual Testing Are:

  • ability to notice various issues; a tester must be detail-oriented and inquisitive; it is often isn’t enough to just follow the test cases, one may need to improvise or perform exploratory testing to verify all the important aspects of the program;
  • proper documenting of the defects; it is important to write brief and exhaustive descriptions and steps to reproduce the defects;
  • determining the essence of intermittent errors; some defects happen occasionally, under certain circumstances, and it is hard to understand how to reproduce them.