`Simple` Does not Mean `Ineffective`!

The specialists’ opinion towards the approach to load testing may be cardinally different. But software testing company will ensure the qualitative execution of this type of testing anyway.

Executing load testing or performance testing, the experts try to achieve the maximally closed to the reality conditions of the test environment. Others, vice versa, from the very beginning immerse themselves in the checking process without the preliminary preparation.

The last approach, as a rule, brings more results, as the simple configuration of the test environment allows fulfilling a larger number of diverse tests. Due to this principle, software testing will take less time, as the severe bugs may be detected much earlier. 

But despite this, the principle of the closed to reality conditions testing should also be considered. With this regard, the checking results will be more relevant if a test team uses the simple tests but often.

What Are the Simple Tests Advantages?

  • With the help of simple tests, one may conduct load testing and stress testing without substantial time and resources expenditures.
  • Simpler the tests are, the bigger their number may be executed by the specialists during the specified period of time.
  • It is much easier to repeat and further improve the checking processes by using exactly simple tests.
  • On the base of simple tests results, it will be much easier to plan and perform the complex and widespread testing.

In other words, the simplicity promotes the best outcomes achievement, while spending less effort and time. As the experience shows, if one uses such approach in testing, then a checking process even of the most tangled and complex systems will become available and clear.

But still, before a certain principle application one should accurately analyze the priorities and build the testing strategy on their basis.