Load, Performance, and Agility Combination Advantages

Still many years ago it was proved that an agile methodology is productive and ensures the software development process with a set of advantages.

An agile approach is applied not only by the system and application development company in its activity but, also, and by software testing company. It is a well-known fact that all processes in the IT sphere are interlinked and affect each other.

As a part of an agile methodology, performance testing and load testing may provide much useful and necessary information that, in its turn, will promote the quality improvement of the product under test.

For instance, performance testing allows a specialist to detect severe problems as early as at the development stages. This is a great advantage because the price and the difficulty of the errors removing grow with each step.


If a tester uses all advantages of load testing and performance checking in an agile environment, then he will become a real hero in the eyes of the whole team, working on the product creation.

But software testing does not cover easy ways. The testers often face the difficult issues during the execution of such checking type in an agile environment.

What Challenges May a Tester Face?

  • Short test cycles often make experts execute many tests during a very short period of time.
  • If a product operates correctly with 100 users but crashes with 1000, then it becomes not exactly clear whether this test is fulfilled or not.
  • Executing functional testing of a certain feature, an expert did not detect the bugs; but during load testing of this specified system area, the error was discovered. In this case, for a tester it will be very difficult to make a developer drop everything and fix the detected bug.

Overall, the wise combination of load testing, performance checking, and the agile methodology principles is a safe choice.