Linux Benefits

The main Linux advantage was that the developers were able to use the Linux core with the aim of designing their own user operating systems. Now Linux is one of the most popular and widespread cores.

Linux is exactly the base of such popular OS as Debian, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Fedora. Besides, OS Linux is popular not only among developers but also among the ordinary users.

One of the main pluses of this OS is its price - this is a free operating system. But it possesses a range of other advantages too.


What Are the Strong Points of Linux ?

  • Each who possesses the programming skills can modify the system as Linux - an open-source OS.
  • Linux does not require antivirus software. It is a very secure system and its security level continuously grows.
  • Linux is used as a server environment, due to its stability and reliability. Such IT market giants as Facebook, Google, Amazon utilize Linux for their servers.

But Linux is suitable not for everyone. Some users it is difficult to figure out the working peculiarities of Linux from the technical side. But for some years the usability level of this OS has been increasing.

Unix, which is called the “mother” of the operating systems, became the basis for creating Linux. But the Unix system was developed for the mainframes and is used in universities and business organizations. And Linux is utilized by the developers, ordinary users, and as a server environment. The commands which are used by both of these systems are almost the same.

Linux operating skills are necessary for the QA specialists who will conduct software testing of various kinds (functional testing, unit tests, system testing, integration checking, exploratory testing, autotests or manual testing).