Linux: Beginning

Some users of PCs and mobile devices utilize them without wondering, how everything works. How is it that they switch on the computer and can perform various actions?

How did a “piece of iron” become an inherent part of the life of the majority of people? All this is possible due to the operating system which is also called “kernel”.

The core - a certain program that ensures the interaction between hardware and software. Thus, for working at the computer, OS is required. 

How Does an Interacting Process With PC Look Like?

  • hardware
  • OS
  • the end-user

Linux is one of the operating systems. This OS creator - Linus Torvalds. He created Linux, being a student. Earlier Linus worked on OS UNIX but understood that the system required improvements.

Linus represented his suggestions, but they were rejected in UNIX. So he singly decided to create an operating system which would be adaptive to changes and modifications from the users’ side.

In 1991, Linus became developing the core, named Linux. But he also needed such programs as a text editor, audio and video materials reproducer, file manager. Therefore, he had addressed other developers, and the work under Linux began.

The earlier OS versions were not so easy-to-use, and Linus did not think to customize his product. As a result, Linux was not so popular in comparison with Windows.

The presence of different operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows) complicates the QA specialists’ work (multi-platform testing of software products, configuration control, functional checking, compatibility testing, cross-browser testing, and etc.). Executing manual testing or automated testing, the specialists consider the peculiarities of OS on which checking is performed.