He Laughs Best That Laughs Last

The IT sphere employees with the vast experience on different projects may share a plenty of funny situations which happened to them or to their colleagues.

Frequently, software testing is accompanied by the confused and funny moments. But sometimes mobile testing or website checking turns into the utter horror. But let’s not talk about sad things; let us talk about the funny ones.

Some testers are notable for the special set of mind and sense of humor. They have at least this. For example, such a situation. The specialist, who easily detected severe bugs in the most unexpected system components, having worked many years in the company, decided to leave the bugs to the young people and retired.

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In a few years, when this former tester planted a small garden or got involved in rabbit breeding or something else, those young people knocked his door asking to save their project.

All the matter was that a team checked an application with the huge budget of million dollars. Having executing functional testing or performance testing, the specialists discovered the highest priority bug but no one could reproduce it.

Therefore, a team requested the assistance of the experienced specialist. He detected the bug; the application was saved as well as the test team reputation. Later a check for 50 000 dollars, as a payment for performed services, was provided. Besides this, the specialist added to the check the list of executed actions with the specified price for each service.

What Did the Check Consist of?

  • The bug report creation – 1 dollar.
  • Knowing where the error should be discovered – 49 999 dollars.