A Great Number of Input Value Combinations: What to Do?

Software testing company faces a plenty of various difficulties and challenges in its activity. In order to solve all problems and find the way out of a difficult situation, the practical and rational approach is always applied.

As mentioned previously, software testing is such a field of activity in which all processes are interlinked and promote each other’s productivity. For example, the automation principle application significantly accelerates performance testing and makes mobile testing more effective.

One of the difficulties of the tester’s work is a number of input value parameters which need to be checked in order to the system appropriate functioning. Sometimes a number of combinations may be simply enormous. In this situation, the main point is to avoid unnecessary actions which would do no good.


What Should not Be Done in the Case of Big Number of Input Value Combinations?

  • Not to perform testing at all. As the quantity of the input value parameters is endless the system checking should not be executed. This is useless.
  • Check absolutely all input values. The specialist should forget about his family, rest, sleep, and food. Everything he needs – to continue testing day-and-night. And maybe one day he would finish the system checking.
  • To conduct several test cases. A tester may create some test cases and check just several input value combinations. Conducting such selective functional testing, the specialist hopes that the developers perfectly fulfilled their work.
  • To utilize already written test cases and perform them for this system parameters.
  • To fulfil only the most simple and elementary test cases. The users will not dig in the system functional in order to detect crashes.
  • To make a list of all possible combinations of the input values for each parameter and check only first few or randomly choose the value.