Independent Quality Audit. Part II

In the second version the customer of an independent audit of the quality is the end user.

He is originally interested in getting the highest quality product. He is not particularly interested in internal organization of the development process in a software company, but it is fundamentally important for him whether the purchased product will satisfy his needs or solve the challenges that lie ahead.

There is a dilemma: to trust marketing materials or verify the product in some way. Most potential buyers before making a choice are interested in how the product works for others, how a software development company has established itself, or they can request a trial version of software to make up the most objective opinion about it.

However the trial operation is an expensive. It takes a lot of resources. Moreover, end users unable to identify a large number of defects are done for a limited time, only a qualified tester can do this. It is therefore advisable to reach out acceptance testing on the test agency (see fig.).

Software testers using as their domain knowledge and inviting the customer's experts will be able to promptly produce such a test plan that will cost-effectively conduct acceptance testing of the product. This minimizes the risks associated with acquiring and implementing new software.

A similar approach can be applied in that case, if you plan to install a new software version. The client wants to obtain assurance that the manufacturing process does not stop because of some new software bugs in the new version of the software.