How to Improve the Tests Quality?

Software testing presupposes the execution of various methodologies and variants of the software products checking. Each team of specialists is free to perform manual testing in its own way.

But along this, the test procedure quality should always remain high. There are many recommendations for the effectiveness improvement and the performance enhancement of the certain tests.


What Promotes the Effective Tests Creation?

  • The tests code as the build’s code should be clear and available. If it is not this way, a tester will not be able to make correct conclusions about the system state.
  • There are some control patterns which are intended to the code quality and clearance specification. The good example here is BDD (Behavior Driven Development). A tester needs to get acquainted with such techniques for his work quality improvement.
  • Unit testing and user interface testing should be fulfilled in accordance with the test pyramid. So, the unit tests quantity should exceed the tests quantity for user interface checking.
  • A tester should learn to create the deterministic tests. This is such type of testing whereby the programs’ checking is conducted with the control over each input data combinations and the according results of the system reaction. All doubtful tests should be rewritten in accordance with this technique.
  • The test prototypes using (patterns) gives the specialist an opportunity to utilize only necessary for the tests parameters. But in this case, it is important not to abuse such patterns.

Certainly, these recommendations are well-known for the specialists with the great experienced in test cases writing for various types of checking, whether it is automated testing, system testing or white box testing.