Detalization in Testing

The testers are intended to leave some information related to the test process unattended. They frequently try to maximally reduce the volumes of test instructions and descriptions. 

Software testing company follows the principle of detalization and accurate description of all processes and facts in its activity. But some specialists do not maintain this approach. They do not note clear and understandable to everyone information.

It seems not a big deal. But all problems and difficulties would start if errors have been already detected after the product release. In this case, a tester does not have any opportunity to quickly and operatively find the failure reasons as there is no detailed information and test procedure description. 

Having conducted performance testing or functionality testing a week ago, a specialist will not be able to reproduce all peculiarities of this software testing.

Each specialist realizes to the full extent the importance and necessity of the availability of deliverables, connected with testing. But there are some misinterpretations of the work product specifics.

What Do the Work Products for Testing Include?

  • Test plans;
  • Test cases;
  • Test scenarios (procedures, scripts).

Well, so that’s it? Are these ones really testing tools? All mentioned items – only models for the checking execution, either manual testing or automated testing.

Test documentation shows how the test procedure should be fulfilled. But it does not provide any mismatches or difficulties. Test scripts – essentially, the description of the ideal testing performance.

But what matters is noting and monitoring of all testing steps and results. Such notes can significantly accelerate and simplify the possible errors fixing.