How to Test Word Wide Web Sites?

In the rapidly changing web-based business environment, it is very important for organizations to test their web sites and web applications. Web site testing should ensure that the web services usual functionality works correctly.

To provide effective web site testing employee of software testing company should have experience in social network systems testing, information portals testing, b2b systems and different online services testing.

The tester should remember that there are huge variety of browsers and mobile platforms (Mac, Linux, Mobile, etc.), various versions of each, small but sometimes significant differences between them, variations in connection speeds and quickly changing technologies.

Before starting testing process, the tester should answer next questions:

  1. What is the target audience?
  2. What kind and version of browsers will audience use?
  3. What processes will be required to manage updates to the web site's content?
  4. What are the requirements for tracking and controlling page content: textual, visual and aural?
  5. What kind of performance is expected on the testing side?
  6. What localization and language requirements are on the web site?

Sometimes it is necessary to provide compatibility testing that allows verifying the application in different browsers and on different OS, with different software and hardware.