How to Start Effective Software Testing?

One should carefully think over and organize all the processes, allocate tasks before beginning to carry out web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.

Well-organized testing process from the very beginning reduces expenses and time of the whole software development.


It is Recommended in Order to Increase Profitability of Software Testing:

  • to create and update test plan and other test documents;
  • to get involved in the project during early stages of the development, the best is to start testing the software requirements as soon as they are ready; in this case many defects will be eliminated before implementing them in the code;
  • to discuss with the project members and set time when the new build will be received, every day at 08:00, for example;
  • to appoint the tester who will deploy the builds;
  • to define how and in what environment the builds are to be deployed;
  • to discuss and determine what to do if a build fails to deploy;
  • to elaborate test cases for smoke testing that are to be run on every new build after its deployment, these tests are usually automated;
  • to clarify who and in what way is to be informed if the smoke testing fails.

Experts in manual and automated testing claim that if these details are thought over before starting testing, a lot of common workflow problems will never arise.