How to Rub Through Recession on IT Market?

The majority of people work for earning their living. It is great if the job, besides salary, brings pleasure and is a passion. In this case the work efficiency and competence of the employee is high.

But in spite of passion to work and diligence of people, any business faces recessions sometimes. It may be slow even on IT market, and there may be time, when it is hard to find customers for mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

In such periods a lot of starts ups and experienced IT companies go out of the business, but in most dangerous situation get freelance experts in manual and automated testing, as it is always more difficult to face such periods along than as a team member of a reputable company.

In Times, When the Business is Slow, Testers Should:

  • try to see the opportunities in the existing situation;
  • use the time rationally, for example, attend some trainings and improve skills in carrying out compatibility testing, performance testing, security testing or get another education;
  • be calm and positive, not surrender to panic or despair and remember that a professional test engineer will not be unemployed for a long time as they are always wanted at the job market.