How to Make One’s Resume for a Testing Job Stand Out from the Crowd?

A well-written resume can do you a great favour when job hunting. A resume and cover letter are supposed to present their author form the best side and highlight his or her strong points, professional skills, abilities and work experience.

Every software testing company is choosing the finest candidates out of hundreds willing to get a job in the software testing field. In this case it might be hard to attract attention and receive invitation for the interview. Those, who have substantial experience in manual or automated testing, stand better chances.

There are several points one should pay attention to when compiling a resume. They will help to impress a potential employer and get hired by a software testing company.

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Writing a Resume for a Software Tester Position:

  • Try to present your educational background, professional skills and work experience effectively by stating the most important information organized chronologically. Such representation saves employer’s time and makes it easier to perceive information.
  • Mention software testing certificates, if any. They may give you a good start by presenting proficiency in mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.
  • Write your resume on your own. Somebody else’s resume won’t present your personality and experience properly and may lead to negative consequences.

Always keep in mind that no other person will help you in building a career. You are the one who needs to do all you can to succeed and achieve the goals you have set.