How to Increase Efficiency of a Testing Process?

There are no doubts that analyzing of the software under test and the project is a basis of effective web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing. The analysis helps testers to define on what aspects of the system to concentrate, which areas to skip or to check fast, in generally.

Analysis of a program allows to see it from various points. Good understanding enables to enhance efficiency of any kinds of work.


In Order to in Increase Effectiveness of a Testing Process it is Recommended:

  • to use the project guidance and to determine whether the elaborated test procedure and test-cases provide sufficient coverage of the product;
  • to widely utilize modelling; a software testing company usually wants its testers to model potential users, common usage scenarios, environments, devices and so on, if there is no opportunity to involve the real users, devices and environments in manual and automated testing.

A professional software testing company also warns from copying a test plan from the previous project or downloading it from the Internet, even if it seems suitable for the current project. One may use the previous experience and best practices for working out of a test plan, but a test plan must be custom-made for each project, as each project is unique.