How to Find Significant Performance Defects in a Mobile Program in no Time?

At present mobile software products tend to be user oriented and convenient.

Usability testing is executed manually. So, some performance defects that are closely related to usability can be found manually rather than during automated testing.


In Order to Discover and Properly Report Performance Errors it is Necessary To:

  • Try to reproduce the defect several times and determine its attributes, like duration of the delay, reproducibility, special conditions and things like that. Besides, repeating of the same actions increases the load on the software, and other defects can surface.
  • Interact with the software when other applications are functioning or are in the background. When the tablet or smartphone works at its limits, diverse unexpected problems can appear, some of them may be serious.
  • Study and consider user anticipations and requirements. It is necessary to test the software under the same conditions its end users will work with it. It is wise to try to achieve the same goals they will achieve with the program. It is known that the response must be immediate for some operations, even slightest delays are unacceptable.
  • Utilize for testing devices, browsers and operating system versions that are known to cause problems. In this case the majority of serious problems will be found quickly.

A professional software testing company finds that these advises may be suitable not only for performance testing, but for other activities during web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing.