How to Elaborate an Appropriate Test Procedure for Software Testing Process?

Test procedure plays one of the most important roles in any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. A good software testing company gives full attention to it.

Test engineers elaborating test procedures, test designs and test cases must have deep comprehending of the existing testing techniques. If unsuitable testing technique is applied, mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing will be of poor quality.

A test procedure must be built on the software requirements. In case the test procedure does not cover some elements that are in the requirements, it means that the test engineer does not understand the requirements properly. Everything that is misunderstood should be clarified and the test procedure must be corrected.

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When Estimating Test Procedure the Next Issues Should Be Considered:

  • Accuracy of the test input data and expected result;
  • Accuracy of the steps to reproduce;
  • Completeness and traceability of the test-procedure steps;
  • Test-procedure must be elaborated according to the established standards;
  • Efficient and proper testing techniques and methods must be applied during elaborating test plan and test cases.

It is a good practice to run test procedure in the presence of all the test team members and representatives of the developers. Everyone must approve the system behavior.

Test procedure perfection must be determined when performing test procedure runs. A good test procedure embraces not only high levels of the system functionality but tests low system levels and impact of the tested functionality on other areas of the software as well.