How to Control Quality of Test Results?

Proper control is a key aspect of any activity including manual and automated testing. But providing efficient control may be quite a difficult task.

On the one hand, thorough checking of all the results of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing requires too much time and efforts; the manager will have no time on other works. On the other hand, absolute trust to the test team and absence of control increase risk of delivering unreliable test results to the client.

Checking of some test results may be predictable, and the test engineers will be more careful with the tests, the results of which are to be checked. Besides, it is easy to lose good relationships and trust of the team verifying certain results of security testing, functional testing, localization testing and so on.


Experts in software testing advise managers to check test results randomly.

Advantages of Random Verification of Test Results Are:

  • such verification doesn’t take much time and efforts;
  • nobody knows what test results will be checked, so all the tests are performed and documented appropriately;
  • nobody thinks that the manager is discriminative against him or her, as everybody is equal before a random selection.

So, random checking of test results is a good solution for encouraging the team to do their best, saving time and good relationships with the team members.