How to Check Performance of Mobile Software Without Accurate Tools?

It is known that modern standards of mobile application performance are high.

Mobile software products must execute different operations within less than a second. Many users become impatient and believe that something is wrong with the mobile program if they have to wait more than half a second.

Those, who execute performance testing or usability testing manually, often don’t have suitable tools for measuring such small periods of time. Experts in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing advise relying on feelings in situations of that kind.


In Order to Check Performance of a Mobile Program Without Special Instruments it is Necessary:

  • to install the mobile application under test on the device;
  • to interact with the software product;
  • to note what actions are done, what operations are performed;
  • report if it seems that any of the operations lasts too long.

Then the reported cases can be repeated and checked by means of special instruments or during automated testing. If the instruments confirm that the reported operations perform really slowly, the software testing company reports the issues to the software engineers. They will appreciate if the problems are clearly described and their causes are indicated.