How to Become Creative in Software Testing?

It is common knowledge that one cannot succeed in information technology without creative thinking as all its branches always require fresh, new solutions and ideas. Software testing is no exception.

But one doesn’t have to be born with creative thinking. This valuable characteristic can be developed. It works the best when one is passionate about mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

In order to be creative, it is necessary to study various existing methods of manual and automated testing and try to adjust them to the current project. Knowing some of the methods, one may invent his or her own ones.

The main goal of the new methods and approaches is giving a new perspective of the software and covering with the tests aspects and situations that are missed in course of common software testing.

Such Methods are Considered Effective by Many Software Testing Experts:

  • to write as many test cases, as possible before looking into the requirements; after this one should read the application documents and write test cases based on them;
  • to try to utilize the application as if it were a different application with a little bit different functionality;
  • to include tests that helped to find serious defects during other projects.

These methods help to increase coverage of functional testing, usability testing, security testing and so on. It is wise to apply them.