How Can a Military Strategy be Applied to Software Testing?

Some quality assurance experts think that it is wise to apply military strategies to software testing. The idea makes sense, though it looks like there is little in common between a military campaign and mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

But all these types of activity have objectives, certain resources, limitations, pressure and risk factors. Military leaders fight with enemies and a software testing company fights with software bugs.

Art of war has been developed for thousands of years, and software testing appeared relatively recently. So, there is a lot of military groundwork that can be applied to a software testing process.


One of great and efficient military strategies is elaborated by famous US military theorist John Boyd. It is called OODA loop. OODA means observe, orient, decide, act.

OODA Loop Can be Applied to a Testing Process in Such a Manner:

  • Observe. Before proceeding to testing activity one should study the project and the application under test.
  • Orient. Testers must understand on what aspects it is necessary to focus manual and automated testing.
  • Decide. One must elaborate clear testing strategy and plan.
  • Act. It means direct execution of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.