Few Advices Helping to Make Sure That a Test Plan is Appropriate

Having performed necessary research of the system under test and of the project one may proceed to working out the test plan, test procedures and test-cases.

But before starting mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing it is wise to look through the plan and make sure that testing focuses are properly set, test coverage is sufficient and the testing efforts are expected to meet the deadlines.


After Creation of a Test Plan One Should:

  • review the plan and assess it in general;
  • elaborate drafts of the test coverage and make sure that it includes all the significant areas and aspects of the tested software product;
  • design the models that will be used in course manual and automated testing, examine them and with their help find out potential weaknesses of the application;
  • execute the developed tests in order to make sure that they are correct, perform some adjustments to the tests, if necessary.

A software testing company usually wants its testers to see the software and the project from various perspectives. It is very important to understand the goal of the web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

In some cases it is needed to find as many defects as possible. But sometime it is sufficient to provide proper work of certain functionality, for instance, for a demo version of a software product.