False Statements About Testing

During the whole career and even longer, a specialist in the field of software product testing hears many different misbeliefs and sometimes complete fish stories about his profession’s peculiarities.

For those who are poorly acquainted with the quality control process and little know about IT itself, software testing may really cause many questions and misunderstandings. But the bitterest part for a tester is that even the IT specialists do not understand the duties and testingrole in the new product creation.

Software testing company tries to explain and describe the peculiarities and the specifics of the tester’s job and the quality checking itself. But, unfortunately, only few people are really interested in it. 

What Misconceptions About Testers Are there?

  • The main and the only responsibility of testing specialist – to launch test cases.
  • The bug severity is defined by the time amount, remaining before release.
  • Only errors, which removing will not cost a lot, are the bugs.

All the above-mentioned statements – false. First of all, if a tester only performs test cases, so who creates them? Secondly, the less time left before release the more all members of the development process get nervous, that is all.

Conducting manual testing or automated testing, the specialist detects bugs in the system and assigns the priority and severity to each mistake, basing on the problem’s impact on the system functioning.

An expert discovers an error, fulfilling load testing or security testing. This mistake could cause huge financial losses for the client company. Besides, the removal procedure of this error is also money-losing. However, despite this fact, such error is a bug. All mismatches, failures, problems, and inaccuracies of software are the bugs which need to be fixed.