Efficient Startup Testing

In order to launch a startup and to be successful, a great idea, time, money, and competent employees are required. But quality is the most important success factor of all startup companies. And the question is about both the quality of the product or a service itself and the quality of managing processes inside the company itself.

Frequently, the main troubles of any startup are:

  • resources starvation,
  • lack of time,
  • limited budget.

Under such conditions, software testing remains at the last place if it was generally included in the development cycle. The prices for services which are provided by software testing company sometimes may be unsustainable for the startup, and sometimes young company simply does not want to allocate money for this.

The in-house testers are hardly to be met in the companies which only starts their development. But, nevertheless, checking the product quality is an inherent part of each development stage.

How to test a startup effectively?

  • Checking may be executed by either individual efforts or with the help of freelance services.
  • As the system consists of certain components which are responsible for different functionality, in this case, functional testing needs to be divided into the parts in accordance with the features priority. The special attention should be paid to the critical elements.
  • It is important not to neglect design checking as well. User interface testing and usability testing may be fulfilled by the end users in the form of product beta checking. Frequently, beta testing is very efficient.
  • The smaller and simpler the product is, the easier it is to manage the process of its creation and entrance to the market.