What Is Database and Why Do We Need It?

To start with, one should figure out what is data itself and what may be specifically called data.

A range of information which relates to a certain object is called data. This may be data about a person: height, weight, age, date of birth, place of residence, blood group, and etc. Also, data is computer files, images, zips, and so on.

Performing desktop application testing or website testing, the specialists operate the data of various kinds. Also, there are distinct data types for each programming language.

The structured data system is called a base. It helps a lot to simplify the data-driven process. This may be the database of telephone numbers, residents, firm’s clients, and others.

To work with bases, the special programs are used – Database Management Systems (DBMS). Software testing company continuously uses databases for the different aspects of its activity (for example, Magento test suite and banking application testing).

What Are DBMS Used for?

  • Database access.
  • Diverse manipulations with data.
  • Data publishing.
  • Data representation.

Firstly, a database concept was represented in 1960. Integrated Data Store (IDS), created by Charles Bachman, is considered to be the first ever database.

With time, databases were modified and improved. Now it is characterized by a wide range of functional capabilities.