What Is CSTE Certificate?

CSTE (Certified Software Test Engineer) is an international certificate. It was suggested and designed by QAI (Quality Assurance Institute). The aim of every certificate passed by testers is to confirm the level of their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

CSTE exam consists of two parts:

  • tests – one should select the correct answer for 100 questions within 75 minutes,
  • short answers – one should subjectively answer 12 questions within 75 minutes.

To successfully pass both parts of the examination, it is necessary to have 70% of correct answers (it is an average pointer). But not everyone is able to pass this exam; there are defined criteria to the candidates that are going to sit the examination.


What are the qualifications required for passing CSTE?

  • Basic higher education and two years of working experience in the IT sphere.
  • A three-year degree from an accredited college-level institution and three years of working experience in IT.
  • A two-year degree from an accredited college-level institution and four years of working experience in IT.
  • Six years of working experience in the field of Information Technologies.

A candidate should satisfy one of the above-listed criteria. But there is one obligatory requirement – the candidate should have worked or have been working for some period of time within last 18 months in the sphere that is covered by this certificate.

The candidate receives a copy of course of study after the registration. It is known as CBOK (Common Body of Knowledge). The copy in PDF format is already included into the price, it amounts to $ 350 or it is possible to get the hardcover copy of study course with a CD for $420.

The examination is taken online. Testers who conduct load testing, security control, system testing, functionality check, performance testing, integration check, automated testing or compatibility testing of various software program, prepare for this exam thoroughly.