Can Automated Testing Replace Mnual Tester?

If you decide to take up automated testing in your software testing project you should take into account some important points:

Beginning the automated testing before the software can support the testing will only make more work through additional maintenance and rework. Beginning the automated testing too late will not leave enough time to conclude the tasks. Intelligible time evaluations to conclusion give any software testing project the best chances for success.

For every stage of software development, the test cases you imply to automate or the software product features that need to have test cases developed and automated have to be comprehensible.

It so not so easy to automate all tests, and not all tests should be automated. Seek for the opportunity to reuse code, the test run frequency, the significance of the test case, and the risk of insufficient quality in the component, to make a decision whether automating that feature or that test case is worth the time and exertion of writing and maintaining the script.

You should be well prepared and set anticipations for other test activities to slow down while in an automation mode, either for one person, or for the whole software testing team.

It is also significant to determine what the purposes are and what a successful exertion is. Elsewise, you have no measurement if you are done and no way to estimate how close you have come to the purposes to react on for the next  software testing project.

Eventually, automated testing takes the daily monotonous work of conducting the same action over and over away from software testers. Automation will repeat test after test for days on end, never failing to conduct them in exactly the equal way. Automated testing never gets tired or burnt out or forgets to do a step. But automation is no equivalent for a smart software tester.

Automated testing can just confirm that the software is as good today as it was yesterday. The point is not to automate everything, or to use the automation tools to their fullest. The main purpose is to provide high-quality software at the best price.