Why Is It so Difficult to Ask Questions?

The ability to correctly ask questions and exactly to ask the correct ones is a very useful and effective skill not only of the IT-sphere specialists but also other professions representatives.

This is a real mastery that positively affects professional relations as well as personal ones. Even at the interview stage, the software testing company estimates the ability of the potential employee to ask correct questions.

Software testing is a field of activity in which the communication between clients, development process members, and colleagues is a key factor as of the product success itself, as the specialist professional growth.

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But the majority of people not like they do not possess the mastery of asking correct questions, they are not even able to ask about the simplest and most elementary things. Why does it happen this way? Why do people miss their development and success chance?

Everything is quite ordinary. Many are well acquainted with the reasons for the difficulties of the rising issues but, unfortunately, do not take any action about it.

Why Is It Sometimes Difficult To Ask Questions?

  • Fear. It is because of simple fear. Many are afraid to seem silly. But when someone raises a question, it does not always mean that he is incompetent for something or does not understand something. Oppositely, this is an indication that a person is curious and tends to know more.
  • Shame. The realization that a person is poorly acquainted with something makes him feel his weakness. And no one wants to feel weak.

The different types of software testing, for example, load testing, regression testing, installation testing, black box testing, configuration testing are rather complex, and it will be very difficult for the incompetent tester to cope with this task by himself.

The IT sphere specialists should continuously improve their professional skills and work on personal development.