5 Memos for Successful Test Engineers

Information technology is a fast evolving field. One should always keep up with all the novelties, use and elaborate new approaches and methods. This is true about software testing as well.

A successful test engineer must be creative, detail-oriented, inquisitive. These qualities help to be good at web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing. Experienced testers worked out some recommendations that help to build a career in a software testing company.

A Test Engineer Should Keep in Mind That:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, including programmers, so there are always errors in an application.
  2. It is impossible to release a perfect, completely free from software bugs application. Nevertheless, testers should strain after finding all the defects for the time allocated on manual and automated testing.
  3. One cannot provide perfectly complete test coverage that includes all the elements and details of the application, but a good tester verifies all the important aspects for the given time.
  4. A tester mustn’t make any conclusions based on guesses. All the theories and assumption must be checked in course of functional testing, performance testing, security testing and so on.
  5. It is wise to include negative tests and tests that do not come out of the requirements in the test procedures. They may reveal serious defects.