5 Essential Attributes of Software Testing Goals

Correctly set goals are a key to success of any activity. This rule works during mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing too.

Test engineers and managers are always under pressure. Project deadlines are often unrealistic; a lot of tasks must be performed urgently; the clients insist on shortening time to market of the product. No one wants to hear that there are certain problems solving which requires some time and resources.

Under such conditions one can easily loose the main goal of functional testing, usability testing, performance testing and any other testing activities. Results of works with unclear or wrong goals are usually unsatisfactory.


Experts in manual and automated testing recommend clarifying the goals and keeping them in mind executing the tasks. Then the whole project will be more efficient.

Setting or Performing a Task, it is Necessary to Make Sure That the Task:

  • is clear and unequivocal; otherwise the task may be understood incorrectly, and wrong works will be done;
  • is finite; otherwise the doer will not know when the work should stop;
  • is executable; otherwise the efforts will be useless;
  • is reasonable and needed; otherwise, the task may cause unnecessary expenses and loss of time;
  • has realistic time restrictions; otherwise the results may be delivered late.

All the mentioned aspects are vital for successful performing of a task and the whole project. If any of the aspects is indistinct, it should be clarified.