3 Main Myths About Testing

A great number of people have wrong understanding of a job of a tester. While some of the myths about testing can be true, the others are total nonsense.

Let’s dwell on the ones that are not true at all, one should get the correct knowledge before going to a software testing company for an interview.

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3 the Most Popular Myths About Testing:

  1. Software testing takes the second place after development. Some people think that if they can develop software products,working in software testing field won’t be a problem for them. Such opinion is wrong. These are different occupations; they require various skills and knowledge. If a person specializes in one of them, it doesn’t mean that he or she can be good in the other.
  2. Testing is an easy job. Sometimes people have an idea that testing is simple, and everyone can perform it. That’s not true. Of course, testing is not nuclear physics, but it requires certain skills; one shouldn’t consider it to be a piece of cake.
  3. Automated testing requires no efforts; the program will do everything for you. In fact, the program will do a great part of the work, but for it one has to write the scripts. So, one needs to know programming to perform this kind of testing.

Software testing has a lot of specializations; one can choose one of them and become a great specialist, for example, in mobile application testing, desktop testing, functional testing, etc.