3 Attributes of an Effective Test Plan

It is known that requirements for any software should be well thought-out and documented in details. They should clarify the project peculiarities and intricacies.

As a matter of fact, requirements are rarely detailed and clear enough. So, often test-procedures cannot be elaborated basing only on the requirements.

Efficient test plan usually consists of several test-procedures covering the whole application and having minimum duplication of operations. It is infeasible to elude overlaps completely otherwise testing coverage will be not full.

After elaboration of test plan and test-procedures software testing company should review them and make sure that they are ok.

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3 Important Attributes of a Test Plan to Which Attention Must Be Paid:

1. Modularity

Test-procedures should be elaborated applying modular approach. It enables software testing company easily to adjust or alter them if necessary.

2. Clear Preconditions

Preconditions to all the test cases should be clearly defined. It will help to establish the order, in which the software transactions and functions must be checked during mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

3. Visual Methods of Information Representation

It is a good idea to prepare graphics, diagrams, matrix of test procedures correlations and so on demonstrating the system complexities, and peculiarities of test-procedures performance.

Such visual methods of information representation simplify and improve any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.