3 Advises Helping to Write Professional Error Reports

Every occupation requires certain qualities and knowledge from those, who are involved in it.

It is known that to be good in software testing one must be passionate about information technology, detail-oriented, have some experience in interaction with various software products.

But besides personal qualities and IT knowledge, one should learn a lot of peculiarities in order to carry out mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing efficiently.

The peculiarities are usually learned in course of manual or automated testing. Experienced test engineers may share their professional knowledge with the beginners. Various trainings, seminars, conferences give a lot of useful information as well.

Novice testers frequently have more problems with writing error reports rather than with finding errors during functional testing, usability testing or other testing types.

While Writing an Error Report it is Recommended To:

  1. Pay attention to defect description. It is an important attribute; the programmers rely on it determining nature and root of the defect. If the description is unclear, it is hard for the programmers to understand the essence of the defect and fix it.
  2. Review once or twice the error report before logging it. It is necessary to make sure that all the required error characteristics are described correctly.
  3. Be professional and do not blame the programmers for making software bugs.