2 Ways of Software Testing Performance Measurement

Any software testing company must adequately valuate the effectiveness of its work. It doesn’t matter what type of testing it provides (mobile application testing, web site testing, desktop application testing), it should carry about its results.

But how to Create the Professional Performance Measurement?

Of course, we should firstly focus on the customer’s perception of the end product. Is he/she satisfied with it? However, such assessment is often subjective. There are two types of performance requirements: service-oriented and efficiency-oriented.

Service-oriented parameters:

  • availability (this parameter of testing performance shows the availability of the end-product to consumer during a certain period of time);
  • response time (the time it takes for testing system to react on a given input).

Service-oriented principles are designed to assess the efficacy of end-user services. With the help of these principles we can overcome the gap between companies and information technologies.

Efficiency-oriented parameters:

  • throughput (the average rate of successful occurred application-oriented events);
  • utilization (it is a measure of theoretical capacity of a resource that is being used).

Efficiency-oriented indicators encompass a wide range of management methods and have a goal to improve the ratio of output and input for an organization. These indicators focus on quality improvement methods and on management techniques.