2 Tips for Avoiding Conflicts During Software Testing

It is interesting and exciting to participate in a software development process. People from different countries may work at the same project. Everybody has his or her own tasks.

The managers plan and allocate the workload, the programmers write the code, and test engineers perform functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, security testing and so on. But all of them have the same ultimate goal – to deliver competitive, quality software within the time limits.

People are different; anybody can make a mistake, forget or miss something or misunderstand other people. Communication issues are especially topical in international teams, where people with different mentalities, from different cultures, speaking different languages have to work together.

Those, who have some experience in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing, sometimes face interrelation problems.

In Order to Minimize Conflicts and Misunderstandings, it is a Good Practice To:

  • Prefer communication in a written form. All the tasks, explanations, comments should be kept in the e-mails, Skype or other electronic documents. One may come back to them any time and review the needed information or rely on them if necessary.
  • Acknowledge mistakes. It is ok to make mistakes from time to time, performing manual or automated testing. Only those people, who do nothing, are never wrong. A tester should learn from mistakes and try to avoid making the same ones.