2 Important Issues Related to Wireless Connection Technologies

Work of cellular networks is complex and sophisticated. Due to nature of wireless waves a cellular network operation depends on many factors. It is wise to consider the factors executing mobile application testing.

There Are Certain Wireless Related Issues That Should Be Kept in Mind by Testers:

1. Wireless Connection May be Weak and Unreliable

Wireless connection is weak and unreliable in some places, under some weather conditions, unlike fast and secure wired connection that is used by personal computers.

Unfortunately some developers forget about this disadvantage of wireless connection and their software products cannot manage errors caused by poor connection. Such situations do not happen with desktop applications and that is why they are usually not taken into account during web site testing or desktop testing.

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2. Testers Also Should Know That Working with Wireless Connection is Energy Consuming

A device does not use much energy when it does not move and is in a place where signals are clear and strong.

But when a user is on the move, the signals may be weak and discontinuous and the device is trying to adjust to a new connection and filter the signals. This process requires much energy.

The application may also be resource consuming and perform slowly under such conditions. That is why it is recommended to execute load testing and performance testing of mobile applications.

A software testing company wants its testers to have at least basic understanding of principle of work of wireless connection and modern wireless technologies. In this case testers will find important software errors during mobile testing and give clear descriptions of them. Otherwise the defects may be impossible to reproduce and they will not be corrected.